Lithium batteries are the source of power for most electric vehicles. These batteries are rechargeable and are typically used to power portable devices and electric vehicles along with hybrid electric vehicles. Lithium batteries are preferred to be used in EVs because of their high power to weight ratio, high energy and low self discharge. Electric […]

With the rise in the sales of Evs, there is one question that has been on the minds of everyone involved in the process. People are concerned about how the EVs and their batteries will be disposed of. This question has been waiting to be answered for quite some time now. When compared to petrol […]

A good charger provides the base for batteries that perform well and are durable. Charging correctly is very important for lithium batteries to get them to perform well. If the lithium battery is not charged in the proper manner, the working of the battery can be impacted or the battery can get damaged. The correct […]

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