“Transparency is our Core.”

Aqueouss is one of the only Lithium Battery pack manufacture which has stayed transparent with all of its customer . We have always educated our customer in respect of the Lithium batteries best suitable for their products .



Aqueouss Lithium batteries are customized and designed in such a way that they help you bring out the best in your electric vehicle . Aqueouss specalises in making lithium batteries for all different kinds of electric vehicles.


E-Cycle 25.9v/36v/48v

Aqueouss Lithium batteries makes your E-cycle move faster and longer

E Scooter/bike 48v/60v /72v

E-scooter and bike perform best when they are paired with Aqueouss lithium batteries

E-Rickshaw 48v/60/72

Aqueouss has introduced a special range of Lithium batteries for E -rickshaw application. We understand. our customers needs and design technologically advanced lithium batteries for each application.

Customisation Better Bigger Faster