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Aqueouss- hold the volt is a company that has been started to cater to the battery industry. Our goal as a company is not only to provide a battery in a box but to provide batteries that are technologically sound.

We want to make batteries that can provide useful information and take corrective actions to make the life of our customers better. In order to make this a reality we are doing research and development on an everyday basis and are working towards coming up with new ways to make batteries smart.

Smart BMS: The BMS is a technology that is added to the battery packs in order to monitor and manage the battery. A smart BMS offers benefits such as online monitoring for battery status regarding voltage, current, internal temperature, etc. The 24/7 monitoring allows for timely response in case of potential battery accidents. And this is the kind of service that we want to provide.

Smart Charger: Charging correctly is very important for lithium batteries to get them to perform well. If the lithium battery is not charged in the proper manner, the working of the battery can be impacted or the battery can get damaged. Hence we as a company are working towards making better and safer chargers.

Data analytics: Our company Aqueouss- Hold the volt is working on smart BMS and fast chargers for a particular reason but we have realised the importance of data. These batteries that we are making are going to form the base of the automobile industry in the next 5 years. The lithium battery industry is currently growing in an unprecedented way and its demands are also growing in various different industries .

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